Aspell support for Hungarian.

In this directory huaspell.tar.gz contains the Hungarian affix and data files. These files have to be copied into the make directory supported by aspell, and must replace the files with the same names there. After this start make, and then as super user make install - this will install the Hungarian files into the right aspell directory. On linux gedit supports aspell spell checking by using Tools/autocheck spelling.


The standard linux utility, prezip compresses hu.wl to hu.cwl: prezip hu.wl
uncompress it: preunzip hu.cwl

I had the best results with following aspell configuration (in ~/.aspell.conf):
lang hu
sug-mode ultra
encoding iso8859-2

Checking only aspell can be done by using:
aspell -a -c <x
x is a file containing the words to be checked.
or by: echo "ló" | aspell -a

About the m97 build tree: m97.tar.gz in this directory contains the build tree for the Hungarian aspell support. The words are in the "szotar" subdirectory, sorted by word type. To start a make, select: make clean, make, first "besorolás törlése" then "Besorolás", do all, then make all. Make will fail first, and at the second time it will pass. The affix and dictionary files are in the directory "tmp".

File sizes of the first version:
$[hu_HU]> wc *
17679 88048 593412 hu_HU.aff
1015023 1015051 22012691 hu_HU.dic
1032702 1103099 22606103 total

The gedit editor supports a very nice spell checking on the fly, select tools, autocheck spelling. If you have problems with Hungarian umlauts, select at open: character coding, add or remove, add iso-8859-2, and select this - now spell check works perfectly.