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Language Tools

Utilities for languages, text processing and system administration


is a perl/tk TreeSize program, that helps
to find large directories and files


is a perl/tk editor with improved support
for column mode editing

Ptkproxy and PtkProxySet

are a proxy verifyer and a proxy setting tool

Screenshot Ptkdic

Screenshot Ptkspell

Screenshot PtkproxyScreenshot PtkproxyScreenshot Ptkproxyset

ptkTreeSize download Ptkbl download Ptkproxy & Ptkproxyset download


is a perl/tk search/replace tool
based on Slaven Rezic-s tksm program


is a perl/tk newsreader


is a perl/tk scp client

Screenshot tksm

Screenshot tksm

Screenshot ptkscp

tksm download ptknntp download ptkscp download


is a java search/replace tool


is a perl file upload tool


is a perl freeling output to conll conversion tool

Screenshot sr

metawiki is a non visual tool, please read the readme file for usage

freeling anal

sr download metawiki download freeling-conll download

5-gram tagger for English with rules (Perl module)

Lemmatizer for English (Perl module)

SFST Client-Server extension

Lingua-EN-T5tagger_0.92.tar.gz download Lingua-EN-Lemma_0.92.tar.gz download fst-mor1.tar.gz download